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Into Affliction is a sci-fi cinematic platformer, akin to classics such as Flashback and Another World. Set in the near future, our protagonist Koharu, desperate to save her dying son, travels to a distant planet chasing rumours of a cure. While descending to the planet, her ship malfunctions and she is stranded, leaving her son on life support in space awaiting her return.

Gameplay is comparable to the trial and error puzzle navigation found in “Abe’s Oddysee” or “Limbo”. While traversing the shadowy landscape, Koharu must survive an onslaught of alien objects and enemies all without a weapon to aid her. While desolate, she discovers that the planet is host to it’s own distinctive illness, which she is able to manipulate using a unique EMP mechanic, aiding her in her progression through the world.

With a captivating narrative, a strong protagonist and a stunning sci-fi aesthetic, Into Affliction draws upon time old tales of motherhood, survival and inner strength to tell a story of a mother trying to save her baby.


  • A satisfying update of mechanics from a forgotten genre - the cinematic platformer.
  • Captivating and gorgeous pixel environments that draw the player into the unique world.
  • Non-combative gameplay that requires the player to use their wits to overcome otherworldly puzzles and escape unfathomable, deadly creatures.
  • Players are taken on a tailored emotional experience, lead by the poignant narrative and its underlying themes.
  • Intriguing landscapes that range from hostile jungles to caves to scientific labs.
  • Experience a dynamic and emotive soundscape influenced by your actions and environment.


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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Marcus Grambau
Game Director

Liam Esler

Tim Schmidt
Lead Programmer

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